Monday, July 9, 2007

Here are a few of my creations....


I would like to share with you, a few of my designs from the past... I work with clay and a secret application that allows me artistic freedom to embellish my treasures with my signature "Jewelry".
My Peachy Polka Dotted Jewelry Box

This jewelry box was so much fun to create I painted her a 1940's peachy pink sherbet~ I gave her polka dots and distressed her...
By giving "lil Dumplin" a clay frame and white stripes, just put her over the top! Sweetness and Charm....


I love this sweet divider~ It almost seems to be decorated with vanilla ice cream! I used my clay "Jewelry" to give this little Sweetie a romantic feel...... I love adding my signature beads, and diamond pattern to my treasures~ My husband Danny built this "lil Sweetpea" then I gave her a "Rosie Finish"~

These little Sweeties are so much fun for me to create! I love the vintage prints I find to enhance the already gorgeous frames....Each frame I am fortunate to find is steeped in character and charm even before I add my special touches ~I can't help but "Ooh & Ahhh" when I created the dainty coral ferns and foliage that trail up the post ~ With my Robin's Egg Blue distressed finish, I gave this Cottage Frame just what it was missing...


I've given this shelf my clay rose cameo's with bead work and my harlequin design to flank each side of the vintage rose print. Such a dear shelf with a ton of character!

Well, these are but a few of my many creations. I will show you more as I blog in the months to come. I hope you can visit my shop on eBay whenever you can. I thoroughly enjoy my time on eBay, I've met a ton of lovely women and men. I've been fortunate to have the kindest, sweetest customers!

I do love my shop, but I have to confess that I'm feeling a bit regretful... You see, I owned a shoppe in my small town in "98", which I loved and adored... Unfortunately, I couldn't keep afloat, and was forced to close my doors after two years.
From the moment I closed, I dearly missed my shoppe. I wasn't prepared to quit. I loved to create and I loved my customers!
Years later, I was still missing my shoppe, I knew I needed to get back into creating and sales. Knowing my deep love for my home and having no desire or need to leave it, I thought about selling on the internet.

In haste, I chose to try my hand at selling on eBay. Well, one thing is for sure, I never think then act...I simply dove in head first! LOL..
As I slowly evolved selling on eBay, I began questioning the name I chose for my shoppe. Too late I thought, you surely can't change it now!

As I've become reaquainted with myself, I know I need to follow my heart. There are a number of choices I've made that I am more than satisfied with... One is selling on eBay. With eBays help, I've met so many wonderful people, and I've gained so much confidence. My love for creating is back and in full force.. I've received so many emails from my customers expressing their happiness with my product and service. That is simply priceless!

But... isn't there always a but? I have always regretted the name I gave my shop, yes, "The Purple Iris Collection" is pretty, but, I have never painted an iris on anything! lol...
My love is and always will be roses!! I need to follow my heart, I need to rename myself so I can feel as if my shop follows my love for roses and represents my creations.

Last, but certainly not least, After I change my name, I would like to open another shoppe on the web.... I will not stop selling on eBay, I have too much fun doing what I do, but I would love to try my hand at having my own website, so I can introduce my special creations to more people.

I will post an announcement on my "About Me Page", on my storefront, and on my templates well in advance to help my customers with the transition... I hope to link customers to each shoppe when the time comes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts.. I like thinking outloud, then putting those thoughts on paper. I am able to act on these thoughts much easier when I see them in print... Until we meet again, take great care~

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