Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Roxie is, without a doubt all that you've imagined her to be and more! Her eyes twinkle as she speaks, she is full of energy and she has a genuine concern for your happiness and welfare.

This photo of Roxie is at our meet and greet at a neighborhood convenient mart near my hometown.... Followed by a jaunt to my "fav" Coffee Shop for a cup of java to help make the last 25 minute trip to my little village a bit more bearable ... I suggested taking a few minutes to sip coffee and get to know each other before heading home. lol!! Those few minutes became hours at the coffee shop. If my hubby hadn't called to check on us, we just might still be there! After arriving home, Roxie presented me with this sweet gift! Beautiful file folders to help me stay organized with my "New Biz" And another surprise, but that is for another day.....
The rest of the day was a blur... we laughed so much my cheeks hurt! Then we laughed some more! We inspired each other that afternoon and couldn't help but spend a few hours perfecting our "inspiration"... There was no stopping us! It felt so comfortable to work with Roxie, as if we've done this for years. I can't imagine what a dynamic duo we could be together if we lived closer~ Working at my desk with Roxie almost seemed surreal at times...I asked hubby to chronicle this moment by taking a photo! Can you see how inspired we look? Or could it be all the caffeine we consumed?
I had the pleasure of learning so much about Roxie that day. For instance, we both are "the middle child," in our families, each with 3 sisters and 1 brother... How great is that! I discovered Roxie loves sweets, but medically, she can't have sugar. Unfortunately, that bit of information didn't become evident until after I offered her the gooiest "Snicker Cake" for dessert. To add insult to injury, the cake was displayed so pretty on the kitchen table. She is so easy going, she simply made a joke about the cake, which sat inches from her, tempting her all day.. I feel so comfortable with Rox that I know I can tease with her and she really gets it!... Rox, I've been doing my best to take care of that problem for you!! I should have it whipped by the end of the day... hee-hee~

The hours went by so quickly, by late evening I suggested she sleep over, but she needed to get home to her sweet family.

I realized I had been a terrible host and forgot to feed her dinner!! lol.. So before sending my friend home, my husband grilled hamburgers for us. Since it was so late, I kept our menu as comfortable as our guest had made us feel.. Come to think of it, that is a great way to describe Sweet Roxie!!

~ She is like a picnic on a Sunday afternoon~
I made a great friend that day and look forward to many sweet moments like these again soon! I can't wait to meet at the Gift Mart in DC, we will have a ball. shopping together! Until we meet again my friend....

Thank you Rox, you definitely Rock!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Thank you so much for coming... I would like to thank all of the lovely Ladies that visited my Tea Party and left so many sweet comments. It was such a pleasure hosting this wonderful Tea Party! Please visit as many MMP Tea Parties as you can throughout this week, there are so many talented women with such gorgeous themed parties!... You won't be disappointed! These beautiful women are by far the
"Hostesses with the Mostesses"!!
I will be leaving tomorrow for Ohio... to shop at the Flea Market "Extravaganza" for the rest of the week.. I can't wait to surprise you with pics of all my "Pretties" that I discover on my trip!
Don't forget, if you have time, stop by and enter the Contest..(posted below), I want to give this sweet basket to some lucky winner!! It's a lot of fun and you still have time to play!
The Contest ends Friday evening and the winner will be announced that evening on my "About Me" Page on Ebay~
Please visit again soon! ~I've so enjoyed your company ~

Friday, September 7, 2007

Do you like Contests?

Do You want to play? Come join the fun....

While preparing this Vintage Shabby Serving Bowl for an Ebay listing, I discovered the sweetest secret this dear bowl possesses.....

I found the surprise as I performed a spot check on the bowl, you know, checking for the 3 "C"'s...
Cracks, Crazing, Chips My husband was equally shocked when I pointed out the surprise to him, one thing led to another and we both looked at each other...Voila! We had an ephiphany!! Why not host a Contest to see who else could find the sweet surprise!!

Have I peeked your interest?? If you're at all curious and you love a challenge then this Contest is for you... It's so easy....
It simple, sign up to receive my Ebay
it automatically enters you into the Contest! Then email me with your guess or guesses... If you guess correctly, you're then eligible to win this Sweet Prize worth over $50.00!
You could win this!!

Stop by Rose Petals & Blooms to visit my Pretties!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Somebody Pinch me!

Whenever I hear fantastic news, I always convince myself that if I say it outloud, it won't come true.. But, since I wanted to post this news, I thought if I at least checked online, and could find proof that "Victoria" is coming back, then maybe it wouldn't be bad luck . So I typed in ...

It's true! It's true! I can't begin to express my sheer delight that my favorite magazine is returning!

During the years that I owned my shop, Victoria Magazine was my biggest inspiration... my bible you might say!

I carried each edition with me loyally where ever I went. Just in case I might need to reference "a look" or "a designer" or to read about an entrepreneur such as myself...(I have to giggle when I put myself in the entrepreneur category, I guess I never felt worthy of the title~) Anyway, when a new copy would arrive in my mailbox, I would eagerly thumb through the pages, hoping to find as many lovely designers "pretties" as I could and squealing as I found one inspiration after another! It was so rewarding to have the opportunity to feature such talented artists in my shop! Oh the "Buyers Guide" was a treasure trove!

No doubt everyone in the free world already knows about "Victoria's" debut except me... I've always been a dollar short and a day late kinda gal and probably always will be. But it makes no difference to me when I discovered this wonderful news, just the fact that I know it now is all I need to know!! lol...
Oh November, will you ever come???