Monday, April 28, 2008

Show and Tell Monday
Make Mine Pink

I've missed the last few Show & Tells with Make Mine Pink,

but was determined not to miss it this week!

It's my "Pink" Week! Ooooh La-La!

Monday, April 14, 2008

~Spring is Here~

Warm weather, green grass, perennials peeking from the gardens, birds chirping and to add a cherry on top of the whip cream....I have the pleasure of Spring Cleaning! Now, it may not seem like much fun to some, but for me, I love to open the windows, turn on my favorite music, and with bucket and mop in hand, I dance through the house!

This week, linens are on my list. During the winter, I collected beautiful vintage dresser scarves, table clothes, sweet Southern Belle pillowcases, Damask napkins, handkerchiefs, bed covers, aprons, etc....

I've been looking forward to preparing them for placement in the shop. I love to treat each piece for spots, gently hand wash them, then lay the linens on the grass to naturally bleach each treasure. This may sound strange, but I love to iron! Only vintage items, mind! I spritz each piece with Egyption Cotton, as I iron, the scent in the air is scrumptious!

Stop by the shop when you have a chance, I've listed many linen treasures already, and have a ton more to follow~ You'll also find more pretties in each category! Take a Peek...