Friday, December 5, 2008

Let It Snow

Let It Snow
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This is a test... lol!

I'm having so much fun on Flickr.. apparently, I can click onto a photo and have the option of blogging it!! Who would have thunk it! tee-hee! So I thought I would break this in, by featuring my newest creation.. "Sweet Elizabeth" from my Winter Wonderland Collection. I'm sorry to say (but am torn, because I'm happy to say too!) that Sweet Elizabeth has been sold! But I still want to show off my treasures.. She is truly "one of a kind", I know this because I've tried to find another frame that even resembles this one, to no avail! Adding vintage goodies has brought my vision to reality.

I like to show my other creations on this post, but I'm thinking Flickr doesn't give me the option to add more than one photo at a time to an entry, so I'll guess I'll be satisfied if this works! I'm excited to click "Post Entry" so I can see how it looks~ Fingers crossed!~