Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I spent well over a month on a project that proved to be very valuable
time wasted, that I could have utilized in a much more positive way...
Though the project was a bust, and is definitely ready for the burn pile,
I've learned from the mistakes I made, which will certainly help me in the future.
Have you ever had a project in your head that seemed so amazing, one of those special 'one of a kind', and drop dead gorgeous projects to boot,
just to see the end results were so off the mark? It perplexes me to say the least!!
So, back to the drawing board..
I'm ready to begin creating my new collection for Christmas and the
much anticipated opening of Lollishops.
I will devote all my time to my webshop and my creations...
After all, my ad will be featured in Romantic Homes in the October Issue
and I need my new collection finished and listed soon.
Oh if I could have known the outcome of my latest disasterous creation,
I could have saved myself the endless hours, sleepless nights and put my
materials to better use... coulda-shoulda-woulda! Isn't it priceless?!
Lesson learned~

Stop by my shop if you have a chance, I discovered quite a few gorgeous
treasures on the way home from a weekend trip and will be listing them all this week..