Saturday, June 28, 2008

I was so thrilled to be a part of
Make Mine Pink's Secret Sister Event

I'm excited to announce, I received my Secret Sister Package!! I speak with a happiness in my heart and actual tears in my eyes. My Secret Sister is so amazing, I will never be able to express my absolute delight and excitement I feel! I've been talking for months to my hubby about changing the decor of our home, but hadn't found the inspiration to begin. Thanks to my Secret Sister, and her beautiful gifts, I have a plan implemented.

Carol from "Clutterbug Studio" is my Secret Sister, she created these gorgeous gifts. She is truly a talented artist! Everything she created screams "ME"... I would like to "feature" each beautiful item... I'm such a lucky Lady!!!!

Let me show you how beautiful these gifts were wrapped! With my favorite Robin's Egg Blue Ribbon~ I squealed as I unwrapped each, here they are!

I opened the first box inside there was an organza pouch filled with push pins for the vision board, one even had my initial on it! Plus a Robin's Egg Blue & White votive candle!

A Beautiful French Journal!

The most beautiful embellished bottle with Robin's Egg Blue Glitter inside! With a yummy heart plaque decorated with sweet flowers, glitter and pearl buttons!

An amazing Wall Hook, made from recycled wood work, with a splash of my favorite blue on a distressed hook.. And there's even a beautiful ivory rope to hang it from!

If you believe it couldn't get any better... I would like to show you the most amazing Vision Board, I've ever had the pleasure of seeing... And I own it!!!! The detail is truly a work of art! The vintage frame is so ornate, my Secret Sister added vintage Bark Cloth, sweet blue satin ribbon, a vintage "Best Wishes" greeting card and a push pin with my initial on it!! And if that wasn't enough, she finished it with a beautiful tasseled rope to hang it....You will gasp when you see it!!!

Now you can vision what my home will look like! Thanks to my Awesome Secret Sister! Each gift would bring me a ton of "Ooh's and Ahh's" if I were to discover them in a shop.

The Greeting Card reads~ "The best of wishes are sent to say~ May happiness be yours in every way... Your wishes came true Sweet Secret Sister of mine.. I have such happiness over flowing in every way!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart "Carol" from "ClutterBug Studio"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pink Friday~ June 27th!

Join us for an all new shopping experience at Rose Petals & Blooms! It’s your exclusive invitation to “shopping with a twist.”Each week, the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink will feature a well coordinated shopping experience with a theme - an all new approach to Internet shopping.
The fine merchants at, your premier on-line shopping mall are displaying their finest "BEACH COTTAGE" treasures. Whether it be a beach cottage at a cool lake in the Great Northwoods, or grayed shingled saltbox on the sandy shores of Cape Cod, a log house in the Adirondacks or a cool pastel home at the Miami shores~ we all love the beach. Join the Boutiques for PINK Friday on June 27 as we present our next "Shopping With Twist" event - The Beach Cottage. Sea shells, mermaids, beach roses and so much more, all at your favorite boutiques at Make Mine Pink.

You'll find it all at the shops.
Shop from the comforts of your home. Best of all~ no gasoline needed.
Happy Shopping Everyone!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Congratulations Lynn and Teresa!! I'm so happy for both of you!
Thank you so much everyone for joining in on the fun! This Contest
was a great one, and I would love to thank everyone that played~
Thanks too for your patience, it's proved to be difficult finding
internet while traveling. I've waited three hours since arriving at
my hotel room for internet, the storms came through and took out
wireless. But it's back and I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post
the lucky winners!
I'm en route to my sweet baby Jack's house to grammie-sit until
Thursday... If you could please send me your addresses Lynn
Just as soon as I arrive home, I will prepare your prizes for shipment~
Thanks again!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweet Greetings!

Whoops! I'm so sorry, there's been a delay
announcing the winner of Rose Petals Contest.
My granddaughter and I are traveling back

to West Virginia from Illinois, so I won't be
able to post the winners until this evening,
Saturday, June 14...
I can't wait to get home! lol... We'll be
staying at a hotel this evening, so the
winners will be announced via the Holiday Inn!

Stay tuned~ It could be you!
Thanks for your patience, internet access is
scarce this trip!
Have a wonderful day~

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Tulle Delight Contest"

I'm having a blog contest for anyone and everyone that would like to play!!! If you would like to be eligible to win this Sweet Tulle Wreath, donned with pink ribbon and Rose Petals signature Curlie~Q hanger

Here's what you do...

Look at the photo below... Try to put the puzzle together and
quess what product I have in my shop that matches this photo..
Then leave a comment with your answer! It's that easy!...If you don't feel like guessing... Simply leave a comment on my blog and you're entered into the contest, for a chance to win the "Second Prize" which is this gorgeous set of "Lady Jane, LTD" note cards with pen and note pad!!!

See, it's that easy!! Join me for lots of fun and Good Luck!!

Winners will be announced June 13, 2008!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Make Mine Pink

Since returning from my buying trip a few weeks ago, I've had a ton of projects that prevented me from posting about my super
duper trip! I'm so excited to show everyone my newest treasures!

My sweet hubby and I had the most wonderful time on this trip, he kept me going when I would complain of my sore tootsies, and achy bones...
His favorite line was.."Suck it up little girl, and keep shopping!"
I have to give him credit, he walked miles, toted humongous pieces of
furniture, haggled with prices, all the while donning a smile on his face.

After all, it wasn't just a buying trip, it was my "Birthday weekend". He treated like a princess, breakfast in bed every morning, then he would spend that time going over the itinerary with me for my goal that day.

It was such a divine trip, I wanted to share with you some of the goodies
my poor hubby had to tote! lol... never once complaining~ They're listed
in my boutique, (under the "Comforts of Home" category)

~Please stop over and take a peek~