Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pink Friday~ June 27th!

Join us for an all new shopping experience at Rose Petals & Blooms! It’s your exclusive invitation to “shopping with a twist.”Each week, the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink will feature a well coordinated shopping experience with a theme - an all new approach to Internet shopping.
The fine merchants at, your premier on-line shopping mall are displaying their finest "BEACH COTTAGE" treasures. Whether it be a beach cottage at a cool lake in the Great Northwoods, or grayed shingled saltbox on the sandy shores of Cape Cod, a log house in the Adirondacks or a cool pastel home at the Miami shores~ we all love the beach. Join the Boutiques for PINK Friday on June 27 as we present our next "Shopping With Twist" event - The Beach Cottage. Sea shells, mermaids, beach roses and so much more, all at your favorite boutiques at Make Mine Pink.

You'll find it all at the shops.
Shop from the comforts of your home. Best of all~ no gasoline needed.
Happy Shopping Everyone!


*A day at the Cappuccino Café said...

Wow, I really love that shelf poodle! I'll be shopping for sure =)

Love ya,

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Hi Michelle! Yanno....I just noticed earlier today that Tricia has her bouquet on her blog, and it links back to lil ole me.....***blushing beet pink*** I grinned from ear to ear for hours, simply because she enjoyed them so much. Of course I'd be honored if you re-gifted me with another Arte y Pico award.....I'm kinda flabbergasted over all the attention though, I must confess.
Kindness just matters to me. I have difficulty accepting compliments and spotlight moments gracefully...but I'm thankful for all the opportunities to improve upon that! ;0] Thank you for being such a kind, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...