Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Somebody Pinch me!

Whenever I hear fantastic news, I always convince myself that if I say it outloud, it won't come true.. But, since I wanted to post this news, I thought if I at least checked online, and could find proof that "Victoria" is coming back, then maybe it wouldn't be bad luck . So I typed in ...

It's true! It's true! I can't begin to express my sheer delight that my favorite magazine is returning!

During the years that I owned my shop, Victoria Magazine was my biggest inspiration... my bible you might say!

I carried each edition with me loyally where ever I went. Just in case I might need to reference "a look" or "a designer" or to read about an entrepreneur such as myself...(I have to giggle when I put myself in the entrepreneur category, I guess I never felt worthy of the title~) Anyway, when a new copy would arrive in my mailbox, I would eagerly thumb through the pages, hoping to find as many lovely designers "pretties" as I could and squealing as I found one inspiration after another! It was so rewarding to have the opportunity to feature such talented artists in my shop! Oh the "Buyers Guide" was a treasure trove!

No doubt everyone in the free world already knows about "Victoria's" debut except me... I've always been a dollar short and a day late kinda gal and probably always will be. But it makes no difference to me when I discovered this wonderful news, just the fact that I know it now is all I need to know!! lol...
Oh November, will you ever come???


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Fantastic news, isn't it?
I've had my subscription in ever since I first heard, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

Roxie said...

Can you believe I did not know about Victoria when it was around before. I wished I had, but am eagerly awaiting my very FIRST issue. I just love your excitement Michelle. Hang in there, November will be here before we know it.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I am the same as Roxie! I didnt know about it but I cannot wait to check it out when it comes back! As excited as you are, it mus be wonderful! :)


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Michelle! I wish I was making Martha Stewerts roses! They are so pretty and realistic. I will have to give those a try next :)

Thank you for the sweet comment :)


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Michelle - Isn't that such exciting news! That magazine and all of their books were always such inspiration for me. But I think I need another house to store all of my magazines because I just can't part with any of them!

cjan said...

Hi Michele, I feel your excitement about Victora Magazine. I used to look thru those magazines until I almost had them memorized. Pretty soon I felt I was amoung the decor in my mind. MMP ladies have been talking about this for the past 3 weeks or so. They are all excited too!! I enjoy your Blog.

Jan (MMP Forum)

Vicki Palmer (Pink Pearl Girl) said...

Hi Michelle,
I too share your excitement about Victoria coming back as I had purchased every issue since its premiere issue until its demise. It was my all time favorite magazine! I hope they make plenty of copies since it seems there are so many of us ready for its come back. Your website, blog and auctions are gorgeous! I really enjoy each and every visit.
Vicki (Pink Pearl Girl)

Vicki Palmer (Pink Pearl Girl) said...

Hi Michelle,
That is amazing! We do have alot in common! Guess what? I work in that hospital in the mail room. I quess it wasn't Carilion Roanoke Memorial when you lived here. Yes please add me to your blog list. As I said before I have so enjoyed your blog. I'll bet your shop was beautiful because you are very talented. I love the clay roses you do to embellished your things. I will have to look for the house you lived in when I go back to work on Monday. My sister use to live in the little 1920's house at belleview & laurel with the arched brick front porch. I feel I met a kindred spirit because we do have alot in common. I can't wait to hear more about your time here in Roanoke. I moved back here 14 years ago as my DH was in the Air Force but Roanoke was were we both grew up. So nice to finally meet you Michelle.