Monday, July 2, 2007

Here are just some of my tons of "Pretty"!

I will be listing each of these today and this week... The Keepsake Box is already listed. What a sweet find that was! I found it at a flea market in the boonies of Ohio, the market was small, and set up in the country. The land housed two dilapated buildings, which were full of vendors items. Remarkably, each vendor's booth was spacious, well presented, and chocked full of just the type of goodies that make me squeal!!! lol....

I hope to list many of my "treasures" very soon, some need tender loving care, and that's where my husband comes into the picture! He's the man that I turn over my special finds to when I know I can't possibly give them what they need to shine.... When my husband Danny returns each little sweetie, they are rejuvenated! All the joints
are strong again, every loose
leg and joint are now the absolute tightest,
and they are now ready for, as I describe, each clay application, distressed painting, vintage wallpaper application, or vintage textiles as my "Jewelry"... Don't get me wrong, I love finding treasures that give me instant gratification, but it's the tired, worn, vintage treasure that looks worse for wear, that gives me the biggest satisfaction. When Danny and I finish with a piece we always smile, knowing that our little treasure shines again! I can't wait to post more surprises, please continue stopping by when you have a moment, you never know when I'll surprise you with a "Pretty" that simply knocks your socks off! lol!

This little Sweetie was reborn with a lovely vintage postcard print in the frame which acts as a lid, replacing a cracked mirror with water damage. Inside are two compartments and another mirror on the backside of the lid... I did keep the original mirror on the inside, even though there was moderate "fogging", simply because it didn't take away from the beauty of this Keepsake Box, but enhanced it!

By far my sweetest dish, simply because of the peachy pink roses that dance on this dish!! I'm crazy for all dishes with roses, scrollies, and the cutout handles! Gotta love anything Roses....

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