Sunday, July 22, 2007

Do I have a ton to tell you! Well, a lot has transpired since I wrote last... I wanted to write this post to help everyone comfortably move with me into my transition from "The Purple Iris Collection" ~ To my new name ~

"Rose Petals & Blooms"

I've already changed my eBay ID to "rosepetalsandbloomslovesvintage", and would love to change my name on my storefront as well, unfortunately, because my web designer is so talented, her client list is a mile long. I am on her list, but it may be a month or two before she can get to me.

In the meantime, I would like to announce I will be opening another shop, in the coming months. Of course it will be called "Rose Petals & Blooms" . I will continue to sell on eBay and offer the same beautiful vintage items I have sold in the past..

Having my own website affords me the opportunity to offer my many one of a kind Pretties, that require so many more hours of time and detail.

I assure you, I will continue to design one of a kinds on eBay, but I will be sensible regarding the amount of hours I have in each treasure so it won't affect your pocketbook or mine, if your like me, you look for those scrumptious bargains.!

I will list a link to my new website on my

"About Me" page on eBay when things start jumping... I imagine it will take some time to setup the site.

So in the meantime, don't forget to visit me on eBay, I will be listing so many beautiful surprises all this week!

* Thanks so much for letting me bend your ear! *

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Amy @ The Cottage Gate said...

Hi Michelle,
Your work is beautiful!!Good luck with the new website!