Monday, March 9, 2009

I've spent another week on the playground, and I'm having a ball!

Since becoming smitten with the promise of Spring, I can't seem to take anything seriously, aside from playing in my studio and my shop.... All I want to do is create!! Much to the chagrin of my hubby, I should add... He's actually taking it pretty well. Although, lately, our dialog has gone something like this..

Hubby says...."Baby, not that I'm judging, but... are those the same pj's I saw you in two days ago?" "Baby...I don't mean to bother you, but that pile has sat at the door for over a week, do you want me to do something with it?" Baby... are the dishes in the diswasher clean or dirty?" "We ran out of silverware and glasses at least two days ago.."

Then hubby calls out to me last night, as I was blissfully creating in my little cubby/studio... "Hey baby, it's time to eat!" I unenthusiastically, pull myself away from my table, grumbling under my breath, that I only needed a few more minutes, and just maybe he could eat without me...

Stumbling into the kitchen, I thanked him for preparing dinner, saying..."Awww... Sweetie, that was so nice of you to make dinner tonight!" and he said..."Somebody needed to cook, we'd starve if I waited for you to make a meal"..

Okay everyone, did that last comment have a ring of sarcasm, to it?? Yea... I thought so too...oh well, he's probably right... So what's his point?? lol!!

I have tunnel vision and can't look two feet, past my creations. I'll tolerate a few cobwebs and boxes piling up in a corner any old day. As long as I can view them from my studio, "It's all good"....

~My new, original one of a kind creations~
A little spin on the tried and true, always sweet~Tussie Mussie

"Fussie Tussies"


"The Birth of Spring"

~Please have a splendid week sweet friends~


Tanza said...

Hi Michelle,
WOW !! Sounds like you've been having fun !! Your ceations are just Beautiful !! I LOVE Spring too, I've been ripping everything apart and cleaning.. But, it feels so good afterwards.. So fun visiting you.. Makes me yearn more for Spring.. Such a sweet season.. Have a wonderful, blessed day.. hugs ~tea~

A day at the Cappuccino Café said...

Boy, you really have been busy, haven't you? I love them all much so, I honestly don't have a favorite!

Love ya poodle =)

Your biggest fan,

Susie said...

Michele, Your work is just magical. Just lovely!
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

Debbie said...

Hi Michelle.....I love your Fussie Tussies! And that dialogue between you and your husband sounds faintly familiar....lolol Don't they know that our studios are our Girl Caves??? :)

Pink hugs,

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh you are so lucky to have so much play time!!!
I seem to be consumed by Amy's wedding preparations.

Nancy said...

Oh Michelle I am madly in love with these Gorgeous treasures!!! I will definetly be drooling in my sleep, while dreaming of Fussie~Tussies!
Huggs, Nancy

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Tell yer danged husband to HUSH!!! There is an ARTIST at work!!!

Carol at Business in THE Bag said...

Michelle, my friend, again you have amazed me. Your new Fussie Tussies are just "over the top" gorgeous!

Cottage Flair said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! I loved reading your post too. Sounds a little like the convo with my kids. Your designs are amazing. Keep creating.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

LOL, Michell, I love this post!!!!! You are a creative genious! These tussies are just amazing!!!!!!!! I am so loving mine :):) Thank you so much again for everything!!

Love ya lots,

Lori said...

your work is pure magic!!! everything you do is so beautiful!!!

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I love your work, just so lovely! Sarah x

Natasha Burns said...

Michelle they are so fun and gorgeous!
I love your story. I hear those comments a lot too, hehehe!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Michelle!
I just had to stop by and tell you I love you and I am so happy to have you for a friend! You are such a true and genuine person :)
Bunny hugs,

Angie said...

Well...I had to stop over after seeing Amy's adorable little treasures...and wow..I am so glad I did! I think my eyes were doing a happy dance as they looked through everything! Your work is so whimsical and lively. I love everything! I so know what ya mean about hubby, too...sometimes I really don't see why they all need to eat when I am busy creating....that is why we have take! I will visit again soon!

Rebecca said...

Oh my...Ok...ok...

I was ON THE FLOOR laughing when I read the blurb about the PJ thing. HYSTERICAL. Sadly I can relate.

Soooooo happy my computer DOES NOT HAVE AN ON-BOARD CAMERA! You'd all faint...

xoxoLove to visit your precious Bloggie. You are ONE TALENTED GAL!


Celestina Marie said...

Michele, Just love your new creations. I have to laugh at the conversation with your hubby and you. Sounds so familiar! LOL I too have the creative bug for spring. It grows the more I create. Can't wait to see more of your lovely designs.
Blessings, Celestina Marie

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie!! Thank you so much for your encouragement, friendship and support! It means so MUCH to me!
I love you sweet friend :)