Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm squealing!! Lollishops has a new look!!!

I received an email announcing Lollishops "new look" yesterday. With my interest peaked... I quickly scooted over to see! Oh my gosh, I love it!!!

Sadie Lou is an amazing artist, and the founder of Lollishops ~ The sweetest marketing venue EVER!!.
She's continuously looking for new ways to show off the talented artists that reside at Lollishops... Well sir! Sadie has done it again!!

Being a 'Lolli' means so much to me!!

You see, I love creating, I have all of my life. After opening my shop, 'Rose Petals & Blooms' I focused all of my attention towards vintage items with all the Shabby~Cottage appeal I adored. That was all well and good, and satisifying at the moment, but I wasn't creating! ... Then I discovered Lollishops. Sadie Lou was taking applications for artists to join her sweet organization. Everyone was buzzing about the new venue, Lollishop buttons were everywhere I looked! Oh how I wanted to join! But, I'll admit, I was afraid I wouldn't be chosen, since I didn't have a 'creation 1' on my site that would deem me worthy of acceptance. Heck.. none of my creations were in my boutique!! I took a leap though and applied! Oh thank goodness Sadie saw my potential! She was quick to send my acceptance to Lollishops and I'm forever thankful for that! She didn't make me sweat bullets waiting for a reply either! Phew!! I'm so!!

I can thank Sadie for inspiring me to begin creating again! She is responsible for Rose Petals & Blooms new life... I will always add vintage items to my shop, I simply adore them. But move over vintage, cuz now vintage has a twist!! I've added my own 'one of a kind' creations, using vintage bits and bobbles.

Being a vendor on Lollishops has motivated me to step up my game. Sadie and the other amazing artists at Lollishops inspire me daily. Now, everyday my mind is filled with new ideas for another creation! I love it!!!

Thank you Sadie for recognizing my potential and having faith in me, when my faith faltered!!

Lookie below, you've got to see this!!!... Here is the new look of Lollishops, and there I am, right on the front page!!! I've been featured!!! Somebody pinch me!!! I've come a long way baby!!!
Once you click onto the photo below, grab a cup of coffee, put up your feet and surf to your hearts content...

*Warning*.... Be prepared to oooh & ahhh, there are so many amazing artists featured at Lollishops, you'll want to set back a few hours from your busy shedule, cuz you're never going to want to leave!!!

Look for 'Rose Petals Fancies'... That's me!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Gosh, from what I've seen on yer blog, I am surprised you had any doubts at all about yer talent! Yer creations are all so fresh and just so pretty!

Congrats for being right on the front page of Lollishops!!! Looking fowards to more of yer creations!!!

Tanza said...

Hi Michelle, It looks lovely as ever, and of course so "pinky", how could you go wrong ?! Always enjoy visiting you !! Hoping your day is a happy one.. Blessings to you.. hugs ~tea~

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Michelle. Your creations are as worthy as any of us!!! Now, just create more. Congrats to you and I hope you enjoy your new look. Take care.

Cathy said...


Your creations are always scrumptious. I loved your Front Page feature at Lollishops. It was beautiful, as always

xo Cath

Creative Life Diary said...

Front Page News!!
Read all about it!!!
Rose Petals & Blooms makes
a huge splash on the front
of the New Opening Page
of Creations
worthy of lots of smiling, clapping, cheering and accolades galore. First reports say..Michelle's
Rose Petals and Blooms will surely crash the network with the expected overflow of visits to the site!!! Check back often to this site for further updates!!! Congratulations...
Miss Sadie Lou has excellent taste!!! Wishing all the Best to you...Bobbie

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweet Michelle!
I love Lollishops new look :) Everytime I visit, I find so many things I want, lol!
You are the sweetest person EVER Michelle, every time you visit me, you brighten my day and cheer me up, your the best! I live in to country too, lol! Isnt that funny? We are both halfway to our dream, lol! I sure hope we get out dream houses some day! I have been planning and decorating mine in my mind since I was little, lol!
Love you Michelle :) Big Hugs,

Teri Bingaman said...

Your site is AWESOME!! Of course, did I ever have any doubts? Keep up the great work. Miss you!
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