Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pink Friday~ July4!

"Romantically Roses"

Join us for an all new shopping experience at Rose Petals & Blooms! It’s your exclusive invitation to “shopping with a twist.”Each week, the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink will feature a well coordinated shopping experience with a theme - an all new approach to Internet shopping.

The fine merchants at your premier on-line shopping mall are displaying their finest "Romantically Rose" treasures. We love roses. NO! we are obsessed with roses. We plant them in our gardens, we bring them into our homes by vase after vase full, we decorate our beds with rose linens and our cupboards with rose china~ and why not~ we think they are the perfect flower. Roses have a long and colorful history. They have been symbols of love, beauty, war, and politics.

We think roses are more romantic~ don’t you?
You'll find roses at all participating shops at Make Mine Pink. Shop from the comforts of your home.

Best of all~ no gasoline needed.

Happy Shopping Everyone!


Cathy said...

Hi M,

I'm loving this plate. I'll definitely be there to see what goodies you've got for sale.


Anonymous said...

good morning, michelle,
everything looks so fresh and lovely on your 'romantically roses' page. the little robins egg blue demitasse cup & saucer is calling my name...! hope you have a sucessful day today with pink friday, and have a wondeful 4th!
karla xoxo

celestina marie said...

Hi Michelle, I just adore that gorgeous rose plate. Everything is lovely.
Hope you are having a nice weekend too.
la rea rose

Cathy said...

There is a message for you on my blog.