Monday, October 1, 2007

My Buying Trip to "The Springfield Flea Market" was more inspiring than I ever dreamed! I was so fortunate to find a wealth of treasures tooffer my customers. But, there's more... You see my sweet husband came with me on this trip. Now, if you're acquainted with my hubby at all, his agreeing to
my invitation, would lead you to suspect he received a head injury prior to my asking. I will admit, I did step back when he answered yes so quickly. I know he likes an occasional Flea Market...
Occasional meaning "once every four years whether we need it or not." But to even fathom that he would want to spend four days with me, on the road, in a hotel room, plus traipsing through "MILES" of vendor's and tables... Well, it simply defies all I believe in! lol... In those four days that we shared, Danny, "Mort" as we call him (family nickname.. don't ask!) surprised me at least 10 times each day! He actually enjoyed himself! He never complained when I purchased a writing desk and asked him to "run" it to the van. Then returning to find I purchased another large item, which required another trip to the vehicle. Did I mention his little "jaunt" was equivalent to....oh, maybe a 1/4 mile one way?? Two days in a row, he carried, he lugged and even pointed out "pretties" that I had overlooked.
I will say, our trip was very enlightening for both of us for almost the
same reasons. Mort has a different outlook regarding my business since coming home. I noticed he is so energetic when he speaks of my shop now. When he saw MMP's advertisement in "Country Victorian", plus
Cathy's article featuring her sweet little Cottage, he realized my "Virtual" Shop is as real as my previous B&M shop. It is refreshing to know someone has faith in you and faith in your dream..
I want to "Feature" Mort in this blog.. To give him a much deserved
pat on the back for all he's done to encourage me. I so appreciate his enthusiasm and his participation in my dream. In the first photo (above) you'll see some of the goodies we brought home from Ohio that evening... Mort unloaded all of them into the foyer by himself, while I staged the pieces and shot photo's of my goodies for
a future blog. Should I have been helping him unload you ask?? Was it really so important that I stage everything that evening?? Well, yes, of course it was! lol... Besides, I was beat and he looked like he had energy to spare! The next morning, I took more photo's. Here are a few...
Mort had a great idea, he suggested we lay out all of my goodies that require base coats of white, in
"Assembly line Fashion" then he would spray paint everything at the same time...WHAT A GENIUS!! lol... I've chronicled the day in photographs, take a peek~

It's like a major event!...


Okay, it took a little more time to paint all of this than the time it took to scroll through the but you get the idea, my hubby is "The Man"!

Just as we were returning the newly painted pieces into the house, hubby pointed out the "Cottage Pink Clouds against the sweetest blue sky" What a Sunset! Yep Sweetie.... while you were busy painting our goodies... I made this "Sweet Shabby Chic Sunset" just for you !!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you came back with some wonderful things. I love the assembly line idea for painting. Can't wait to see all the things finished.

SuzieQ said...
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Sue said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait until you have them ready for sale =) Tell Mort that I have a kitchen full of cupboards that he can come & help me paint!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Wow, you have one great husband there. What a great idea the assembly line was.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

You gotta love those helpful husbands! Looks like you got some great new things Michelle. I love all of those frames!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Michelle...First off your a lucky gal for having such a wonderful hubby. I am so pleased you both had a great time!
Now for the! You scored...everything is wonderful!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Michelle ~ Ohhhh what amazing pretties you found ! I have been dying to see them ! You do have an awesome hubby !

Michele said...

Your blog is wonderful. And what a great husband you have. That is amazing that he went with you. My husband would make up every excuse not to go.
I love all your new finds, will have to go to ebay and check them out.
Hugs~ Michele

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

great finds!! I love flea markets!! great idea to paint them all at once!!!

Vee said...

What do u mean "like" a major event.. it was a major one.

Isn't it great to have a husband who understands; has great suggestions for our little projects and even helps implement them? Honestly, my guy knows more about dolls than any man has a right to... but, every time I get stumped and mutter aloud about my plight..... he comes up with a genius idea.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Wow Michelle! You made a haul. And your husband sounds exactly like mine. He hates going with me But he does go and like yours, hauls everything to the car for me. Now..on Saturday mornings if he doesn't see me getting ready early he says "Aren't we going to yard sales today?". He even went today to a way out of the way place to pick me up some unusual sized boxes. Now...if I can only convince him of a 3 day trip. :))

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Michelle ~ You are such a sweetheart ! Thank you for the precious comment on my blog ! Wow ! I feel the same about you :o)

Dolly said...

Michelle, wow look at all those goodies!
I want to come shopping with you!

By the way I am married to a "Mort" too! My hubby tags along and shops and carries my treasures without complaining!
Gotta love em!

Hugz, Dolly

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

WOW Michelle!! Those are awesome items! And your hubby is the sweetest to do that! How cool are those pink clouds!!!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and my new store!!!! You are just the sweetest :)

Love ya,

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

What a sweet husband you must have! I am so envious of all the pretties you found and can't wait to see them transformed and listed. You go, girl!

Pink hugs, Karen

PS Thank you for stopping by my blog and the sweet note you left!

Roxie said...

I know you are going to show this to him Michelle, so here is a little cheer for MORT!

Mort Mort, he's our man;
if he can't do it,
noone can!!!

I love you guys! Mort, you are such a sweetheart to do all that for your girl.

Amy @ The Cottage Gate said...

Wow Michelle!! What a great guy you have! You got to find a bunch of treasures and be with your sweetie. Can't wait to see all of your finished creations - I know they will beautiful!


Sharon said...

Fabulous finds and a fabulous Hubby, too!

The Rose Cottage said...

WOW, what a production, your hubby sounds so sweet :) He also sounds very much like mine, hates flea markets and the likes but will go if I actually invite him.
You have a beautiful blog, glad I made the visit :)

Susie-The Polka Dot Rose said...

What a lovely little story about your treasure hunting with your hubby! You two are quite the team. Loved your 'stash' from treasure hunting. Wow!

Patty said...

What a man Shell now I know why I always loved Mort. LOL I wished I could visit soon to see all your treasures. Love you bunches...