Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm so happy that the much anticipated "Springtime in Paris"

Pink Friday's, hosted by "Make Mine Pink" has finally arrived!

It's been a hectic week for me, I've spent many hours in my studio,
with glitter flying, clay "a molding", brushes soaking in my tried and
true jelly glass... (only the best for me! The glass has a quilted design,
which gives it that Oooh La-La...oh~so rich!)

Unfortunately, all of the long hours spent creating, are not completely
reflected in the products I've listed for this awesome event....
Please don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of the gorgeous Paris themed
products that I'm presenting today... how could I not!

The unusual beaded tassels, that I discovered on my last buying trip
was such a grand surprise for me, I remember oohing and ahhing when
I saw them. Plus, I'm so in love with Spaghetti Poodles, all sizes
and colors, they're perfection!

The products I've created for today's event are still unfinished. I've hit snags on each creation, lol...
Okay, not so funny yesterday, nor the day before, but I do have a sense of humor, and can find irony in the events leading up to today~ Whenever I'm in need of outside help for a project, it brings my stress level up a notch. "What do you mean you don't have it ready?" I ask in amazement. "I need it for Pink Friday."
Each time I made that statement, I was met with stares.. you know the kind, as if I had three heads.
No more "splainin" myself, if you have time, please visit my shop next week to see my newest creations. They'll be listed in the "Pillow Talk" category, under "Springtime in Paris".. I know, somewhat anti-climatic, lol... but well worth a visit!

Here is a sneak peak at the pretties I'm featuring today on my site~

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rose Petals & Blooms
would like to invite you to


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Join us for “Springtime in Paris” on Friday,
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Best of all~ no gasoline needed!

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I'm so excited, I have so many beautiful Parisian items
to surprise you with.. Pretties that aren't featured in our
shop. Special items exclusively for this event..
Oooh La~La! Don't miss out~

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Belated Monday Show & Tell
Make Mine Pink

I'm dealing with computer issues, which prevented me from
posting on Monday, but it looks as if I'll sneak this post in before
losing internet again! Dreaded satellite! It's killing me! Yea!

I've been so busy creating a lamp as a donation for the
"Romantic Homes" book signing, and I haven't seen the light
of day for over a week.. We've had storms to beat the band for
days, so it really didn't matter what my gardens looked like in my
opinion. When my hubby came into my studio this morning and
remarked that I needed to get some fresh air, that the sun was
shining and the flowers on the wisteria would be spent if I didn't
notice them soon, I knew I needed to take a peek. I couldn't believe
how green, lush and beautiful everything looked! I realized the
Purple and White Hesperis were up and in full bloom, and my
Wisteria was covered with Purple clusters.
Where have I been?? In a cave??

I waited until this evening to take photos of my sweeties, knowing how
lush and green everything looks when the sun goes down.
So I decided I would capture my moment and post them tonight. Now,
if I get so busy in the studio, I can at least visit my blog and be
reminded that there is another world out there.