Saturday, August 25, 2007


As I gathered all of my sweet treasures after arriving home from my flea market trip, I noticed one common thread.... Blue, the dearest Robin's egg Blue!
Is this a sign? Am I truly that blue without my Hailey Bailey?

Without a doubt I miss her, without a doubt she has a larger than life effect on me. thinks I simply love the colours of Robin's Egg Blue and Pink together! My eye has a mind of it's own!! Many times as I wandered through the vendors, I noticed that unmistakable pull to the most wonderful blue, each in a different shade of blue, but Robin's egg blue just the same!

I discovered the sweetest woolen baby shoes, many Charlotte Becker prints that Sita and I share a love of... the dearest dishes with roses, salt and pepper shakers, some for the kitchen and others that will find a home in a babies sweet haven~
I found a ton of tables, and the greatest wrought iron bench. Many tables are in need of some serious shabbiness! Maybe a rose or two, or a tad bit of gorgeous added.. I will put the necessary "jewelry" on my newest finds, then impatiently wait for my new website to open! lol.. I'm sooo impatient! Have a great Sunday, and enjoy your week~ I intend on locking myself in my workroom until I produce something... anything!! My lamps aren't talking to me like Roxie's are, but my tables have been whispering back and forth between themselves, I just know their complaining about me! Ta for now~

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm off flea marketing!

Tomorrow, I am driving to Illinois to return my beautiful granddaughter to her sweet Mama. I have had the pleasure of spending the entire summer with Hailey, and can't believe our visit is coming to an end! Where in the world did the time go? I wish the other 10 months that she isn't with us, would go a bit quicker! It seems like an eternity until she returns each June.
I can and do, take the route of looking on the bright side each summers end... When I return Hailey, I'm able to visit my children, grandchildren, my sweet sister's, my mother, friends, aunt and cousins!

I will be cutting this trip short though, because I (and I'm squealing, you just can't hear me!!) am going to a "larger than huge... larger that gigantic... more like a
"GI-NORMOUS" Flea Market in Ohio on my way home!!! I will be dancing through the buildings and between the tables as I scour for as many treasures as I can find! I have so many items I'm looking for, vintage millinery roses, velvet roses, brooches, furniture, frames, umbrellas, dishes, rugs, vintage linens, etc!! I can't help but squeal whenever I imagine myself walking through the vendors!
I will have the pleasure of my husbands company when visiting this flea market again in September. He loves the markets as much as I do, plus, it will help to have extra hands when I manage to find that special something, and don't have the energy to walk back to the van!
I will attempt to list some new items in my eBay store this evening, I'm so far behind! But have 10 months to work hard while my sweet Hailey is in Illinois, that should help the time pass!